Tuesday, December 30, 2008

2nd "medium" shot live music #70 (HN_0750)

2nd medium shot to mass animation
Shot Description:DADDY jumps down to the counter to take care of business
and drive RIFF away

50 frames time taken 2.3 hr

There was a tragedy with this shot. i had completed the shot 2 days ago. but before uploading on the final day i tried rendering it but due to corrupt file it could not happen so. hence i had to redo the shot again, but luckily i had my hand over it and knew the keys well.and i did it in 2-3 hrs under pressure.


1st "medium" shot live music #101 (JS_1060)

1st medium shot to mass animation

Shot Description: RIFF is excited by VANESSA's "Smoke", he jams in reply,
joining VANESSA and goes in for a kiss. VANESSA coyly,
jumps out of Frame, ducking his kiss, RIFF follows her.

163 frames time taken 2.5 days


Thursday, December 18, 2008

4th "easy" shot live music # 89 CP - 0940

4th shot to mass animation
Shot Description:Two shot of DADDY and RIFF, they look at camera
confused, "wait a minute"

35 frames


Sunday, December 14, 2008

3rd "easy" shot live music #85 (HN_0900)

this my third easy shot submit to mass animation

shot id SHOT high noon 85 (HN_0900)
Close-up of RIFF with his Picks drawn, ready to fire.

want to exaggerate more but loosing continuity.


Saturday, December 13, 2008

2nd "easy" shot live music #93 (CP_0980)

This is the 2nd submit to mass animation
shot id SHOT #93 (CP_0980) 44 frames

Over VANESSA - RIFF looks back at the cell phone and
then to VANESSA and says, "not you?"


Wednesday, December 10, 2008

1st "easy" shot live music #11 (GB_0150)

Started working on contributing to this crazy "Mass Animation" (check it out) thing, over at facebook. It is like open source.. type project. First time in field of character animation. will get exposure to every one...
and will be fun to see how close I can get.

So here's the finished product...
shot id SHOT #11 (GB_0150) 129 frames
RIFF(guitar) plays the first notes of "Smoke on the Water" and
then stops.