Sunday, April 19, 2009

Great 3d animation secrets

Character 3d animation is an art, it is not a lifeless method that can be learned in one day. It is an art that has to be practiced in order to get appealing results. So how a successful 3d animator differs from other character animators that are not so great? Each good 3d animator behaves strangely once in a while. He can creep, jump, run and make faces, most of it in front of a mirror. This happens when he is trying to act like his animated object. So the artist is trying to understand the main point of his animation. The amusing thing is that the the subject of animation is often not human; it can be a bear, a dear or even a monster. In such a way the animator understands better how the masses move, where the center is, what limb will start moving first and what arm will follow. A successful animator is actually living the animation, he is experiencing the emotions of his character. This is how you create amazing 3d animations not by applying a trick. 3d animation is something that you must definitely try.