Friday, January 8, 2010

time to follow shot Instructions notes ( cinematic trailer shot's)

dc-universe project
uploaded animation shot for cinematic trailer .


Shot # GC_0060
Shot Description
We pan left with the security guard's hat as it rolls off (kicked from guards head offscreen)
into a puddle as we reveal the reflection of the Bat-Signal and we push into an extreme

Shot #GC0080
Shot Description
Batman holding his Baterang ziplines down screen left to screen right

Shot # GC_0110
Shot Description
Batman enters screen left kicks The Joker's gun hand, and gets knocked to the ground.
Joker regains balance and swings a punch at Batman's head, Batman ducks, The Joker
tries to kick Batman and Batman executes a handstand flip kicking The Joker in the head.

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