Monday, February 15, 2010

DC UNIVERSE ONLINE Game animation shot's Phase 2 part1

In game animation Sequence Hero Action 2
each shot is of 30 frames per second loop in adobe premiere with idle pose at end and start of frame

Shot No.# GA 0100
Name- shout
A female shouts loudly, two hands cupped around mouth

Shot No.# GA 0110
Name- yawn
A male yawns - extended slow sleepy stretch

Shot No.# GA 0120
Name- thumbsup
A male gives a ‘two thumbs up’ gesture of approval

Shot No.# GA 0130
Name- slap_hip
A female smacks her hip in frustration (Darn!)

Shot No.# GA 0140
Name- gimme
A female gestures with her hands "I'm ready, bring it on!"

Shot No.# GA 0180
Name- smack
A female smacks her forehead (Sigh…)

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